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Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveways North East

You may have spotted pattern imprinted concrete driveways in the North East, perhaps due to a high gloss or shiny look, the chances are you have also walked past some that you would never have known are anything but the real deal.
The idea of pattern imprinted concrete is to colour and stamp a pattern into the concrete before it sets, creating an aesthetically pleasing solid concrete slab in which weeds cannot grow in or through.
When installed properly pattern imprinted concrete is highly effective at looking great, keeping weeds at bay and takes significantly less time to lay than some of the other equivalents such as natural stone.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveways North East

The issue for most contractors and companies who add pattern imprinted concrete to their list of services is the huge variation in concrete mixes, working times and environmental factors such as weather. If contractors are too slow, the concrete will set before a desirable finish has been achieved.
Even the best contractors cannot make the wrong concrete mix work for them and the most skilled pattern imprinted concrete installer is only as good as their team around them. ResinPrint are not general builders or even block paving specialists we have teams dedicated to installing this product week in, week out.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Colours

Primary Colours

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Colours North East

Secondary Colours

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Secondary Colours North East

 Take a look at some of the colour options available for your new pattern imprinted concrete driveway. It is possible to mix colours together to create different shades as well as using different colours for different areas of the driveway. 

Some homeowners decide to have a contrasting coloured border around the perimeter or a different coloured path leading towards the door for example. The usual process of imprinting concrete with a pattern uses two different colours – a primary and secondary colour. 

Most pattern imprinted concrete driveways in the North East use charcoal as the secondary colour if greys or reds have been chosen for the primary colour, compared to varying shades of brown as the secondary colour for buff, brown and natural colours. 

The secondary colour will highlight any deeper parts of the pattern for example the joints and heavily textured areas, creating a realistic natural antiqued effect. Most people desire this effect but if you don’t like it we can do it without. We have physical samples of these colours if you are still undecided! 

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Patterns

You may have noticed some popular patterns for imprinted concrete in the North East, although there are many to choose from we definitely have some that seem to be far more popular than other patterns. 

Popular patterns include ‘Grand Ashlar’, ‘London Cobble’ and ‘Wooden Plank’. We believe the reason for this is not just because of the stunning effect that they give but also because of the relatively shallow depth of the imprints on these patterns compared to ‘Deep Cobble’ for example, making it less of a trip hazard and easier to clean or sweep if required. 

Our installers are capable of laying the imprinted concrete pattern at either a 90° angle which is square with the front door of your home or at a 45° angle from your front door, the choice is yours and personal preference however we think that 45° patterns can make an area look bigger if that’s what you are looking for.


When pattern imprinted concrete driveways first came to the North East a lot of people noticed how shiny and slippery they were. The shininess is personal taste but nobody wants to have a slippery driveway. The good news is an anti-slip agent has been invented and used for some time now which adds traction to the driveway. As for the shiny/gloss look this is from sealing the coloured concrete with an acrylic sealer. The sealant protects the colour of the driveway from being worn away over time similar to the enamel of a tooth. The gloss/shiny sealant is still an option as well as a matt/flat finish which was previously not available, making it look more natural and realistic, opening up a whole new market for pattern imprinted concrete in the North East.

Re-Sealing Pattern Imprinted Concrete North East

Both the gloss and the matt finish are available with anti-slip agents and do not differ in price so it is simply a case of choosing which you prefer the look of. We recommend that the sealant should be professionally reapplied every 2 years to keep your new driveway looking great for years to come, this service is offered by ourselves, assuming that we laid the driveway originally.

Imprinted Concrete Driveway North East

Why Choose An Imprinted Concrete Driveway?

  • Lowest Maintenance Option
  • No Weeds
  • Unique Designs
  • No Sinking
  • No Fading (UV Stable)
  • Extremely Durable
  • Non-Slip Additives Available
  • Gloss or Matt Finish
  • 20 Years+ UK Product History (50+ USA)
  • 5 Year Guarantee

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Maintenance

Low maintenance is the main reason that pattern imprinted concrete driveways in the North East are so popular. In terms of general maintenance for homeowners there is nothing that you need to do yourself to keep your new driveway maintained. Compared to regularly sweeping resin bound driveways to avoid weeds sprouting in the cavities or regular weed killer treatment and occasional pressure washing and re-sanding of block paving – this is the lowest maintenance option. Homeowners can pressure wash the surface if there is a build of dirt without having to worry about re-applying any sand or sealer.

Patterned Concrete North East

Every two years we recommend that the driveway is re-sealed this will prevent ‘colour wearing/lifting’ and keep the desired colour, after all the colours have been designed to have sealant on for full effect. Shabby looking pattern imprinted concrete driveways are usually due to neglect and have often not ever been re-sealed. As mentioned above we offer a re-seal service if we laid the original driveway, a quotation for this can be worked out when quoting for the initial driveway work.

Installing Concrete Imprint Driveways North East

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Installation Process

Firstly the area must be excavated, usually with a mini digger, waste removed and a sub-base compacted such as dolomite or Type 1 MOT aggregate. Temporary timber ‘shutters’ are then cut to size to create a box shape around the area, these ‘shutters’ should fall slightly, usually towards a linear drainage channel which we will install. Any steps will then be built as well as any kerbing or permanent edging. If there are any manhole covers we will install recessed/hidden but accessible covers at the predetermined driveway height using string lines. Once all of the preparation work is complete the concrete will be wheelbarrowed into the driveway and then raked, tamped and screeded before throwing your chosen colour hardener onto the surface of the wet concrete.

This colour will then be floated, edged and then trowelled into the concrete. Once the concrete has almost set or ‘gone off’ the secondary colour will be applied in the form of a release agent which will prevent the rubber mats from lifting the colour up off the wet concrete. This is done in stages as and when areas can be reached, using 6 rigid mats and a flexible one the mats must be lifted and moved around the driveway to ensure that the full driveway has been imprinted or ‘stamped’. The following day the area must be pressure washed to remove the majority of the release agent and crack-control joints cut into the slab at intervals and at any vulnerable points such as external corners. Approximately a week after that the area will then be sealed with anti-slip added into the drum and the control joints filled with silicone.

Concrete Imprint Driveway Alternatives

If pattern imprinted concrete is not to your taste or requirements then there are other options to choose from.
Resin bound driveways are another popular driveway option that we provide although if excavation work is required it will be more expensive option.
Block paving can also be used but regular maintenance must be adhered to with this option.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway North East

We often give homeowners a quote for as many options as they would like for a cost comparison as well as un-biased advice on suitability.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Cost North East

Would you like to know how much concrete imprint driveways in the North East cost? Unfortunately there simply is not a one size fits all cost that we can give, for a number of different reasons. The first factor to be taken into account is general access, can we fit our excavators in and get our waste removal grab wagons close enough to the spoil pile? If not then we must dig out by hand and use alternative waste removal methods both of which are more expensive options and we avoid doing so if possible.

Resin Driveway Cost North East

Pattern imprinted concrete requires specialist ready-mixed concrete delivered on site, smaller areas that only use a small volume of the truck are more expensive per m2 than larger areas where economies of scale can be made, the same goes for waste removal and labour. Sometimes we need to pour in multiple sections if access is too difficult if the area is too large or if multiple colours need to be used. Other work such as drainage, steps, kerb/block work, retaining walls etc. all vary from job to job so we find that the easiest way is to offer you a free driveway survey including advice on drainage and design if needed.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveways North East

Look at some of our previous pattern imprinted concrete installations in the North East.

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