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Paving Contractor North East

Paving Contractor North East

Are you looking for a reliable paving contractor in the North East?

Look no further at ResinPrint Driveways we install all aspects of paving from natural stone, block paving, porcelain to specialised lower maintenance methods such as resin bound and pattern imprinted concrete.

Natural Stone North East

Natural stone is a broad term used to describe a number of different types of flagstones, the most popular are listed below:

  • Indian Sandstone
  • Limestone
  • Yorkstone
  • Marble
  • Granite
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Overall quality and thickness varies massively between each type of natural stone for example there is some very cheap Indian Sandstone on the market at the moment but it is very different to a high grade Indian Sandstone suitable for a driveway. Our advice when it comes to natural stone is choose the highest grade you can afford for long lasting and impressive results. There are other more affordable options of paving such as pattern imprinted concrete which give the impression of natural stone without the weeds.

Block Paving Contractor North East

Block Paving North East

Block paving in the North East was extremely popular for many years however it has become a lot less popular in the last 10 years due to lower maintenance options available on the market such as resin driveways and pattern imprinted concrete.

Block paving requires the most amount of maintenance out of pretty much all of the paving options.

For the last two years we have taken up and disposed of more paving than we have laid!

If you need a block paving contractor in the North East we are still very happy to help with this product.

Porcelain Paving North East

Porcelain paving in the North East is becoming more popular, usually on modern homes, creating a clean, crisp look to a modern style of garden.

Porcelain paving is essentially a number of ceramic tiles similar to luxury bathroom tiles which can be arranged in a number of different patterns.

We believe that porcelain paving is a reliable product as long as the correct tile is chosen and adequate excavation, sub-base-wet-bed, grouting compounds, adhesives, cutting equipment and labour has been used. More often than not porcelain paving installed correctly is very expensive compared to other options with a similar effect such as pattern imprinted concrete.

Porcelain Paving Contractor North East
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Concrete Flagstone Paving North East

Flagstones such as ‘council slabs’ and more decorative concrete moulded flagstones have been used a lot over the years. 

The utilitarian ‘council slabs’ 3×2’s were designed to keep cost to a minimum, these are laid onto a bed of sand making the installation process less labour and material intensive.

Some of the more decorative moulded options can look nice once laid but do often fade in the same way that traditional block paving does.

The maintenance is often high on these flagstones due to being laid on a bed of sand. We would not usually recommend concrete flagstones but we are happy to install them if you require. *Please note flagstones are rarely suitable for driveway areas.

Paving Maintenance North East

Maintenance is essential on all types of paving to keep it looking fresh but also to make it last for as long as it should.

Most larger flagstones such as porcelain and natural stone should be laid on a ‘full wet-bed’ of mortar to prevent subsidence. This environment is also more difficult for weed growth so the only room for weeds is in the joints in between the flagstones which will need re-pointing or re-grouting if porcelain. Regular cleaning is required to prevent the flagstones from going mouldy or discoloured.

Paving Maintenance

Compared to block paving and concrete flagstones which are usually laid on sand and jointed with sand which is an ideal habitat for weed growth. Prevention is better than cure and weed killer should be applied regularly, if left too long the root system of the weeds cannot be killed with weed killer and the paving will have to be lifted and relayed to fix the problem.

Resin bound is a fairly low maintenance option, requiring a stiff brush to prevent any airborne weeds from sprouting between the cavities. Pattern imprinted concrete is the lowest maintenance option for homeowners but will require re-sealing every 2-3 years.

Low Maintenance Paving North East

Are you looking for a lower maintenance option than the paving options listed above?

Why not consider pattern imprinted concrete or resin bound both of which are lower maintenance than all of these options if installed correctly.

Most of our customer’s usually pick either resin bound or pattern imprinted concrete with only 15% opting for the paving options listed above.

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Paving Contractor North East

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