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Resin Driveways North East

You may have noticed that resin driveways in the North East have become extremely popular in recent years with promises of low maintenance and stunning looks it is hard to dismiss the idea of a resin driveway. Resin driveways suit a huge range of homes from contemporary to traditional with such a huge range of colours and design possibilities, resin driveways can be suitable for almost any home in the North East. If you are looking for a resin driveway company in the North East then look no further! Find out more about resin driveways below or get in touch for a free driveway or patio survey and quotation.​

Resin Driveway Colours

 Take a look at some of the colour options available for your new resin driveway. It is possible to mix colours and different aggregate sizes, it is also possible to incorporate a contrasting coloured resin for a border or custom pattern.


Resin Driveway Edging Options

Sometimes resin driveways need raised edgings to retain areas around the driveway such as the lawn or flowerbeds which may be at a higher level than the finished driveway, as well as retaining these areas they also strengthen the edges of the driveway significantly. Below are the most popular options, quite often a flush/non-raised block will be used to create an aesthetically pleasing border around the perimeter. Stainless steel beading is sometimes used to create contrasting borders however please note that if there is a bead on the edge of an area that can be driven over then an edging block or kerb must be incorporated as well or the stainless steel bead will bend and the driveway will fail.

Resin Bound Driveway North East

Why Choose A Resin Driveway in The North East?

  • Low Maintenance
  • No Standing Water
  • Unique Designs
  • No Cracks
  • No Sinking
  • No Fading (UV Stable)
  • No-Resealing
  • Extremely Durable
  • Non-Slip
  • 10 Year Guarantee
Resin Driveway Company North East

Resin Driveway Maintenance

Although resin bound driveways in the North East are often marketed as maintenance free, unfortunately this is not the case with any driveway or paving product. However the good news is that resin driveways are low maintenance and only require regular sweeping with a stiff brush to stop airborne seedlings sprouting into the tiny little cavities between the resin aggregate. An annual wash is also recommended to keep the surface free from dirt. If you compare this to the maintenance required on block paving it is far less work to keep on top of a resin driveway. We provide all of our customer's with a maintenance guide detailing how to maintain resin and what to do in emergencies such as oil spillages.

Resin Driveway Pattern North East

Resin Driveway Patterns

Some homeowners decide to make their driveway unique by adding custom patterns. The pattern(s) are first drawn to scale by our designer on CAD software. After you have decided on your pattern our installer's will cut and then screw stainless steel beading into the ground to form shapes. Once the shapes are complete and you are happy with them our installers will lay the colour for the patterns first and once dried, come back and lay the main area of resin.
The possibilities are endless with resin driveway patterns and the only limit is your, or our imagination!

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway North East

Resin Driveway Alternatives

We believe that for most homeowners in the North East a resin driveway is a suitable option as quite often existing tarmac and concrete bases can be utilised saving on excavation, ground preparation and concrete or tarmac base work.
Unfortunately not all concrete and tarmac can be overlaid in which case the full area must be excavated and a suitable base installed otherwise the product will fail. This is no problem and a lot of our installations do require a new base, the only issue is the additional cost.

If a new base is required then we would usually recommend a pattern imprinted concrete driveway as a more cost effective solution. Pattern imprinted concrete is also the lowest maintenance option for homeowners at present. Why not get a free quote for both?

Resin Driveway Visualisation

Resin Driveway Visualisation

Are you having difficulty deciding on which colours or designs will suit your home?
We are one of few companies in the UK able to professionally superimpose potential colours and designs onto an image of your property, taking out all of the guessing work.
Please note there is a cost associated with this service, the price will vary depending on the complexity of the design.

Resin Driveway Cost North East

Resin Driveway North East Cost

Would you like to know how much resin driveways in the North East cost? Unfortunately there simply is not a one size fits all cost that we can give, for a number of different reasons. A major variable when it comes to how much a resin driveway costs is the amount of groundwork preparation that needs to be completed first. As previously mentioned, resin must be laid onto a solid base either concrete or tarmac, we offer this service and more often that not prefer to do this to fully guarantee the new resin driveway. If a new base is required then excavation costs, waste removal costs, aggregate, drainage, concrete or tarmac, paved edgings all must be accounted for in the quotation.

There are a number of other factors too, usually we will assess your driveway and advise whether a new base or partial base is required as well as drainage and design advice – free of charge.

Resin Driveway Company North East

Take a look at some of the Resin Driveways in the North East that we have installed recently.

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